Understanding Menopause

Understanding Menopause is the first step in thriving through it. Working with hundreds of women whose lives fell apart at 50 due to the awful symptoms they suffered as part of their menopausal journey, I totally know that understanding your menopausal journey is the first step in releasing yourself from its grip. After doing that for myself, through my own research and then helping other women do the same, I felt I needed to take the next step to continue this incredibly important work. So I created Biohacking Menopause to help women prepare for menopause and find natural relief with the over 260 symptoms of menopause. Did you know, through the lens of Ayurvedic Medicine, women should start preparing their body, mind and spirit for menopause in their late 30’s? In my Masterclass I show you how to prepare body, mind and spirit as well as navigate your menopausal journey with ease, grace and peace. Watch my free masterclass here https://www.menopausebiohackingsecrets.com/ and get started in learning how your menopausal journey can give you a ‘new’ you, feeling healthier, happier and more content with yourself. Your family and friends will see the difference in you.


Simmi Elle

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