Simmi Elle
Ayurvedic Menopause Coach

Born in Bombay, India, Simmi Latulippe (Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, Functional Medical Consultant, Health & Wellness Coach, Clinical Nutritional Therapist, Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Reiki Master, and Trauma Informed Psychology Yoga Teacher Faculty) stems from generations of traditional Ayurvedic Doctors. Simmi’s great grandfather was the first Ayurvedic Doctor to formulate a traditional herbal digestive formula that was sold to a British Pharmaceutical company. It is believed that the root of many health problems is rooted in the health of the gut and improper digestion. Simmi’s family introduced her to Ayurvedic medicine, which is not just a medicine or a treatment but an entire way of life that seeks to balance the body, mind and spirit using a combination of diet, exercise, meditation/yoga and herbal supplements.
Ayurvedic medicine is an all-inclusive holistic science of healing the body, mind and spirit. The central focus of Ayurvedic medicine is that each human being is unique, having a distinct individual constitution, genetic inheritance and a predisposition to certain diseases.
Ayurvedic medicine offers a holistic approach to menopause, which can help women mange the symptoms of this transition more effectively. Through the lens of Ayurveda, women need to start preparing body, mind and spirit for the onset of menopause in their late 30’s. Women need to enter menopause with vitality, a strong, clean liver, kidneys and adrenal glands that are not stressed. Women also need to rediscover their female essence, their Yin energy. The need to keep going and doing has to subside, as you find the need to do just be and do less. I have been through menopause naturally and I have helped hundreds of women navigate this journey with ease. The connection of body, mind and spirit is enhanced in menopause and the more you fight the symptoms the body reacts by tapping you on the shoulders saying something is wrong. Learning to listen to the whispers of your body is the foundation of my masterclass. It includes changing the way you eat, I recommend a plant-based food plan to help reduce inflammation, yoga to ground and increase vitality, meditation to re-program the brain and the art of reading the lines on your face. All our preventative measures to bring balance to body, mind and spirit as you journey through menopause

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