Semi-permanent Make Up and the Menopause

I think we can all agree that the menopause has a habit of sending us down a ‘rabbit hole’ at some time or another. And while we’re there we can sometimes make choices that don’t necessarily reflect our true or ‘normal’ self. And for me make up is one of those choices. I buy what I always have and as a result never quite get the ‘look’ I think I want. Semi-permanent make up now prevents most of my make up mishaps. From eyebrows that don’t need to be drawn on exactly to lash liners that look so discreet but maximise every flutter!

Semi-permanent make up is a fantastic way of enhancing our beauty with Microblading and Lash Lines being treatments of choice. But there is so much confusion about what the treatment is and how they are applied. 


Let’s first talk about Eyebrows. 

Thick, thin, bushy, wiry, sparse or bald, we’ve all had eyebrows at some point. To frame the face and create a youthful look, eyebrows are of paramount importance. But when I ask what the perception of Microblading is, most will have a negative response of ‘thick black slugs’ and yes this was a trend set by the 20 somethings, it’s never been a look that I have been a fan.  

Let’s clear up what it is and what looks can be achieved.

Microblading is creating the look of eyebrow hairs, they can be created to suit the hair you already have so virtually undetectable. Soft and gentle and if you didn’t know you wouldn’t guess. If you have missing hair this a fantastic way of replacing the hair look. 


Powder Brows. So, this method of ‘Microblading’ is achieved by inserting a peppering of colour into the brow line to create the illusion of soft full brows. Perfect for ageing skins and those with very little hair or injury/scars that need masking.



Combination brows is a mix of the Microblading strokes and the Powder brow technique, this method replicates the natural eyebrow best and is my most popular treatment. 



And the Lash Line? 

Still Semi-permanent make up but placing micro dots of pigment in between the lashes on the lash line. It opens up the eyes and creates a wonderful illusion of a fuller lash line. It doesn’t run or smudge and you don’t need to apply it daily with an unsteady hand. So beautiful that clients often say ‘how have I managed to live without this til now!’



What is my average client? ….Well……

I specialise in working with clients post 40, my youngest being 86!! Those that are experiencing natural hair loss, whether that’s because we shaved them off in the 70’s and 80’s and they’ve never grown back, illness, ageing or because we never had any in the first place! 

We can create any shape in any colour to give your eyebrows or lash line a new lease of life. 

The treatment is made up of 2-3 visits to the salon and last between 45 minutes and 2 hours. We have a very thorough consultation procedure which includes patch testing and medical screening for direct treatment areas, facial mapping, pigment colours and skin undertones – working with you so you can receive the very best results. 

If you feel you’d like to chat what possibilities lie ahead, don’t wait. Enjoy your journey of discovery!

You can find me on insta – natashadorey_thetreatmentroom or

Or pop in to the Salon for a chat at:

Natasha Dorey The Treatment Room 

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Natasha Dorey

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