Navigating Menopause at work: 10 tips to help you cope

Alright, ladies, let’s have a heart-to-heart about conquering the workplace during the menopause rollercoaster. We get it – hot flushes, mood swings, and the whole shebang can turn the office into a battleground. But fear not, because we’ve got your back with some practical tips that can turn your workday from a marathon into something a little more manageable. Below are also some free downloads to help you track and start to understand how menopause is affecting you. Remember, you aren’t alone – recognizing your symptoms will help you talk and share your experience with others. It can also help you get the help you need. Here are my top 10 tips:

  1. Dress Appropriately: Swap out the synthetic fabrics for natural fibers that breathe and let your skin do its thing. Comfort is key, and feeling good in your clothes can make all the difference.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Water – your trusty sidekick. Stay hydrated to keep those hot flushes at bay. A cool, refreshing sip is like a mini-vacation for your body.
  3. Keep Cool: Fans, breaks, lightweight clothing – the trifecta of staying cool. Whether you’re creating your breeze or taking a breather outside, make staying cool a priority.
  4. Take Breaks: Breaks are your secret weapon. Stretch those limbs, take a walk – whatever it takes to ease the symptoms and show stress the exit door.
  5. Inform Your Supervisor and Coworkers: Share your experience with your work crew. Letting them in on the hot flushes or occasional fatigue can turn your team into allies and create a more understanding workplace. Share what you’re comfortable with, and make sure that if you are sharing something you also offer a way that the people around you can support you better. 
  6. Adjust Work Hours: Sometimes, it’s all about timing. If possible, tweak your work hours to dodge the rush-hour madness or schedule tasks around the trickier symptoms. Your schedule, your rules.
  7. Adjust Work Environment: Take charge of your surroundings. A fan, a temperature adjustment – small changes in the workplace can make a world of difference to your comfort.
  8. Stay Organized: Stress is the nemesis of balance. Equip yourself with organizational tools – calendars, to-do lists, reminder apps – to stay on top of things and minimize stress.
  9. Bring a Cold Pack: Hot flashes, meet your match – the mighty cold pack. Keep one on hand to give those sudden heat waves the cold shoulder. I love the should gel packs, these can be thrown on discreetly under a scarf or blazer while on a Zoom call!
  10. Dress in Layers: Layer up, because being a boss means adapting to any situation. Whether it’s an unexpected meeting or a surprise hot flash, having layers gives you the flexibility to roll with the punches.

The workplace is your domain, and menopause is just a temporary visitor. One tool that can truly make a difference is a symptom journal. Keeping a record of your experiences allows you to identify patterns, triggers, and victories. It’s like having a personalized roadmap to navigate the twists and turns of menopause. To make things even easier, we’ve crafted a Menopause at Work Worksheet  [click downloads below] and a Symptom Journal  [click downloads below] that you can download for free. These resources can help to empower you to understand and track your own experience. These can be helpful not only for you but also to put things in perspective. You will also be use these to describe your experience to others, whether that be a health care provider, a co-worker, or a supportive spouse. So, grab your pens and laptops, embark on this adventure of self-discovery, and let’s rewrite the narrative of menopause at work together! Your well-being deserves the spotlight, and we’re here to make sure you shine.


Mary Catharine Breadner

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