My Personal Styling Session at John Lewis

It all started when my friends clubbed together and bought me a John Lewis gift voucher for my birthday. It was a lovely idea – after all there is always something you need! Then one friend suggested that rather than just browse around the women’s clothing myself why didn’t I try something new and book a Personal Styling appointment at a John Lewis store? I have to admit I had never done this before and was slightly uneasy about the idea. The menopause has changed my body shape, I am now conscious that I have a ‘menopause tummy’ and an accumulation of fat around my bum and the top of my thighs. Shopping for clothes is something I either do online or in a hurry. Both methods normally involve multiple returns and unlimited frustration that something I wanted to wear that weekend just doesn’t fit properly.

After much deliberation I decided to give it a go! The process is simple and can be booked online at just select your own date, time (2 hour duration), and either a specific stylist or the system will choose one for you. You need to add a few further details including your clothes size, budget, are you shopping for a specific occasion or work/night out? The confirmation is emailed to you, so you have everything to hand, and prior to your appointment your stylist calls you to confirm a few further details and to check you are all set!

And don’t forget your personal session is completely FREE, you don’t pay for the consultation, just the clothes you choose, and even then there is no minimum spend! Infact you aren’t obliged to buy anything if you can’t decide or want to think about it.

The Personal Styling suites are extremely spacious, private, and airy. Upon arrival you are offered a complimentary drink. I chose sparkling water but there was also Prosecco available if you wanted to treat yourself, after all how often do you get 2 hours of ‘me’ time?

The stylist had already pre-chosen some outfits for me to try on which were waiting for me in the styling suite. I had decided on a theme of smart casual, but really we ended up exploring more outfits for going out. If the pre-chosen clothes aren’t exactly what you had in mind then just let your stylist know and she will go and find different items that she thinks will look good on you! My stylist was very friendly and helpful so we kind of evolved the process as we went along. Don’t be afraid to ask for something different, it’s a great opportunity to try new looks that you might not have picked yourself.

The stylist chose a long-sleeved blue maxi dress which we paired with a biker jacket and some flat boots. Definitely wouldn’t have even looked at this on the rail. But suddenly felt in inner rock chick re-surfacing!

You can also try shoes, accessories, bags to complete your look. At the end of the session I was also emailed a shopping list of all the items that I liked.

All in all despite me initialling dreading the idea, it turned out to be an amazing experience. So, give it a go! If I can, then you can. Spend some time on yourself, get inspiration to explore a new you, and don’t forget it’s completely complimentary!


Leanne Randall

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