Menopause Matters!

Menopause effects every member of a family, whether it be a mum, daughter, aunty, grandma, wife, girlfriend, partner, work colleague, boss – the list goes on. Any woman from the age of 35 onwards could be experiencing symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause. It can effect the people we are and the relationships we have with others.

Women 50 plus represent the biggest growth in numbers of the workforce currently, due to more opportunities and the retirement age being increased to 67, menopause is a significant issue in the workplace which for many is not addressed.

Many symptoms are mis-diagnosed – depression, anxiety, skin conditions, insomnia, poor digestion, again the list goes on. I think I have reached about 70 different symptoms which can be attributed to this time of life.

Many different symptoms, potentially spanning 20 years, symptoms ever changing, hard to define and diagnose, blood tests only show what your levels are on a particular day, which could be different in 2 days time, huge disparity in NHS care, treatment and understanding of menopause, online information is often contradictory – who do you rely on and who do you turn to. I have had the pleasure of working in this arena for many years and helping countless women to take control of their menopause Empowering women to listen and take note of what your body is telling you and to seek lifestyle changes and natural solutions to help alleviate symptoms and balance the body.

I believe strongly education and support is the way forward, am now a passionate educator, delivering classes to men and women on what happens to our bodies during this time, lifestyle changes which can make a big difference, how to alleviate the symptoms naturally and what to look out for in the future.

My offerings to you are:

One hour online class to groups of 5 or more with Q & A afterwards £10 per person

A local face to face session for to up to 10 people £10 per person

An online 4 hour on demand course which gives way more in-depth information for £78

For a more personal and bespoke service I offer 121 help and support to understand what is
happening to you at the moment and natural solutions and protocols to help you move forward £50 per hour

Rebecca Francis


Rebecca Francis

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